You won't believe what this woman gets paid to do with baby panda bears every da
February 6, 2016 #sfgfamily
By Charles

Thanks to a contest, a Chinese worker was able to add caretaker to the China Giant Panda Protection and Research Center to his or her resume.

Sponsored by Sohu, a popular Chinese web portal, back in 2014, the contest called for a person who knew a little about pandas and was willing to write articles about his or her time at the research center and take photos.

"We want to let more and more people know about the giant panda and how its conservation and research work on a day-to-day basis,” Yang Hua, a representative from Sohu said to NBC News. “We also wanted more everyday people participating directly in the conservation and research process.”

According to NBC News, the winner likely had a chance to learn how to prepare food for pandas, such as panda bread, take care of elderly and sick pandas and help with research projects. “

Though many people would probably hug pandas for free, the winner of the contest was to receive $32,000 for his or her time.

"Many people at our center do the same job, but the salary was never that high," Heng Yi, a public relations officer from the panda center said to China Daily, China’s state newspaper.

The winner also was to receive , room, board, meals and use of a vehicle.

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